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Infiniti Design offers designer pieces of furniture designed for work, communication and play. Creativity, innovation, design are the keywords for understanding the philosophy of Infiniti, a young brand founded in 2008.

Infiniti products are manufactured in the spirit of Italian tradition and art using high-tech equipment. From the very beginning of production, Infiniti has always worked only with Italian raw materials, which guarantees high quality and durability of products. The high quality standards, together with industrial production, meet the rigorous international standards that apply to all materials used by Infiniti to manufacture its products.

Infiniti products are open to today's demands for residential furniture, not only in their use cases, but also in ergonomic design, a design that is pleasing to look at, made from completely recyclable materials and offering a wide range of intelligent solutions. Bringing expression to every day of life, which is the essence of change, Infiniti does not stand still and changes along with fashion and trends.

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