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Il Giardino di Legno has been active as a brand on the Italian market since 2003: it offered its customers high quality teak outdoor furnishings. Since 2007 a process of internationalization and updating of the collections has begun, with the introduction of new materials and combinations of the same. A common and distinctive element of the "Il Giardino di Legno" collections is the attention to detail, design, quality of materials and production techniques, which combines innovation and craftsmanship.

The five collections from Il Giardino di Legno will inspire you to create an open space that reflects the values of elegance, quality, design and tradition, which you can furnish with pleasure and enjoy to the full. You will discover new ways to create habitable outdoor spaces and to enjoy life in the open air, in your Giardino di Legno.

Collection Boxer. Suitable for intimate spaces, characterized by a versatile, easy and quick use, the Boxer line features a minimal, sober and elegant profile.‎ The furniture of the collection is made of teak wood. Collection Adamas. Steel is the constructive and aesthetic core of the Adamas line.‎ This material is perfectly suited for outdoor furniture thanks to its qualities and its durability.‎ Collection Code. The contrast between the “fragmented” raw material (to create a “bar code” effect) and the important textures of the fabrics give a harmonious and captivating line, thanks to the decorative alternation between filled and empty spaces. Collection Fiji. The combination of ice white fiber and teak wood with natural finish characterize this collection of outdoor furniture.‎ The effect can be emphasized by pillows in different colors and fabrics, fully removable and available in Ecru version as standard. Collection Cinéma d'été. “Cinema d'été” is the French expression for outdoor cinema, an entertainment typical for the hot summer evenings.‎ Inspired by this idea, the collection presents a series of furniture perfect for a total relax next to a swimming pool or in a garden.

The combination of classic furniture with modern materials such as glass and metal makes the spaces harmonic and modern. The modern needs of the outdoor furniture are combined with an antique material in this way, ensuring the highest quality levels for all those who will use Il Giardino di Legno's products for their outdoor spaces.

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