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The Ideal Form Team (IFT Office) was created as a designer furniture company and began production with the “Book” bookcase, which was designed in 1969 by Titti Fabiani. Set in the heart of the Adriatic coast, Ideal Form Team focuses on the art of producing office furniture using mainly real wood veneers and natural essences, where the undisputed beauty of materials, together with their skilled production processes has allowed them to create timeless collections, highly sought after today.

Ideal Form Team can easily be described as one of the last hidden gems of the Italian furniture manufacturing industry. In the 1990’s IFT decided to employ their passion for design and production skills to the office furniture sector. Still continuing with the winning combination of collaborations with famous designers, and the selection of quality materials, has allowed IFT to produce luxurious product ranges sold and distributed all around the world.

Ideal Form Team offers several high-end furniture collections for offices respecting and guaranteeing a soft balance between space, elegant design, comfort and utmost functionality. Sestante collection. Modern and timeless design. Sestante outlines a new route into interior design. Pratiko Steel Collection. A sharp line, pure design. A symbol of strenght, resistance, tenacity, temperament and will. Steel is concrete matter. An evident form of being. Pratiko Wood Collection. Flexibility, resistance to cutting and abrasion. The physical qualities join and enhance the creative concept, to translate it into emotion. Electa Collection. Essential shapes and a functional design distinguish the Electa executive system, available in three solutions. Elegant yet simple settings, where different materials blend together under the light and with a strong shared feature, the warmth of wood. Crystal, white oak and mocha enhance transparency, the cleaning composition and the lightness of an efficient and refined design. Forty-Five and Ninety Collection. Clear candour of essential lines, the merger of technique and art in a powerful solution consisting of pure volumes and tiny details. Small geometrical alchemies. The unique ability of stirring emotions through the apparent simplicity of forms. Forty-five and ninety. 2 sizes. 2 angles. Only 2 line directions cutting through space which, thanks to Roberto Garbugli’s creativity, result in a wide range of solutions capable of accomodating even the most complex requirements.

Today IFT Office is still a family run business dedicated to quality, design and services. With clients from the USA to the Middle East and Australia, every product is made to order with the same passion and attention to details, as you would expect from a historic boutique manufacturer representing only the best in Made In Italy office furniture.

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