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I-LèD is the brand synonymous with LED that, for over ten years now, has been researching into and discovering new application solutions for the best light source currently available to offer an unrivalled wide and complete range of performing and reliable products.

Analysing the light produced by a LED (Light Emitting Diode), LINEA LIGHT Group observe that the quality of the light emitted is strictly related to the manufacturer’s ability to conceive and construct high-performance reliable diodes. The next factor is related to the possibility of exploiting and managing this wonderful light source: creating a LED lighting device reflecting the potential of its light source demands unprecedented scientific, manufacturing and technical expertise. LINEA LIGHT Group has distilled these skills into a unique line of products, the result of its love of innovation, its constant search for a new light, and its desire for efficiency and creativity: leading to LINEA LIGHT i-LèD Professional.

Expertise, dedication and experience in designing and producing LED lighting devices determined the huge success of the i-LèD brand, a success based on the technical and human resources flowing into every product made by LINEA LIGHT Group. The Group’s commitment and research have given rise to patents and innovations leading to the evolution of the brand and the LED lighting sector.

Direct processing of materials, product research and design, development of specific items for demanding lighting projects: i-LèD considers planning in terms of flexibility, using effective ideas to turn clients’ ideas into reality by analysing their needs, shaping light and forms and making their vision real.

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