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Henry Glass is an Italian company founded in 1988, that has always tried to be the precursor of style and trends. Henry Glass has developed in twenty years of research and experimentation a particular range of products enriched of technical and aesthetic details; main advantage is that these products are made entirely by the company within its own production departments: Henry Glass is a manufacturer.

All Henry Glass doors are custom made and are able to fit and solve every architectural requirements, thanks to exclusive technical patents that enable innovative constructions. The collections, which may possibly be embellished with decorations even personalized , offers a wide range of clear, frosted, coloured and lacquered glasses, accessories and finishes, to provide appropriate solutions to any environment, from the domestic to the public one, for the workplaces or for the contract supplies.

The active collaboration with influential designers, artists and architects who have left their unmistakable mark in the field of Italy industrial development, culture and art contribute today to make Henry Glass doors not only simple partitions between rooms, but real art works that enrich every single environment, both public and private.

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