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Henge products are all strictly Made in Italy with craftsman manufacturing criteria, a far cry from mass production lines and industrial management, in that part of the Italian world of production where hands are still a value and a tangible difference and time seems to go by at the pace of Nature. Furniture items are designed today but made in the best tradition by expert hands, with no compromise, making use of new technologies and old manufacturing methods now obsolete but forming part of our culture, history and tradition.

An interior decoration project is a complex thing that presupposes assessment and coordination of the functional and creative aspects of each individual case. Every project has its own character and needs and the choice of the elements to make up the whole must be co-ordinated according to an exact philosophy. The Henge collection is made up of products with strong personal character, shapes and materials that merge with each other to reflect their own original way of interpreting contemporary living. Just like great actors who are able to interpret different roles, Henge's furniture enters many homes, each with their own style and create new meanings and new values.

Henge proposes new materials and new combinations again this year: natural stones, selected and worked according to specific criteria to emphasise their naturalness, natural woods finished uniquely with oil and wax, metals such as brass and iron, proposed with new recipes for burnishing, rigorously hand-worked following traditional methods, exclusive soft leathers and nubucks, in addition to glass, semi-reflecting, gilded, embellished in an unusual and original way through an interplay of reflections, and arriving at carbon, this too used in an unusual way, almost as though it were a covering fabric. Once again Henge focuses on Italian style, in the conviction that the great Italian manufacturing tradition, when revisited and reinterpreted in a contemporary vein, is the expression of a priceless added value: the timeless value of skilled hands that faithfully follow history.

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