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The Hemisphere Brand is an exciting new venture in wallcoverings design for KT Exclusive and Creative Director of DLM Studios, Diana Robinson. Widely regarded as the top studio in the wallcoverings industry, DLM has created designs and product lines for KT Exclusive. Her award winning designs and ability to foster creativity through the use of new technology has resulted in industry awards and brand name recognition. KT Exclusive and Diana are dedicated to design and color excellence, and all of their efforts are richly apparent in The Gilded Elegance Collection, the premier launch of the Hemisphere Brand.

Hemisphere has released 8 collections. Each collection of Hemisphere created to bring elegant style (such as England or France) in the appearance of your home. Collections are called respectively: Gilded Elegance, French Elegance, English Elegance, Classical Elegance, Mr.Elegancem, Bouquet of Elegance, Cottage Elegance, Modern Elegance.

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