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The German factory Hans Koegl works since 1979, and since then all of the company's employees are engaged in production, creating exclusive handmade lamps . Hans Koegl is chosen by those, for whom the classic style is not just a fashion, but a way of life. Most of the collections of this brand remain actual for a long time, in spite of the fashion trends and new design trends.

The main specialization of Hans Koegl is production of the luminaires for a country house, which is demonstrated by the latest products from the series Cupola of Gold and Cupola Chrom-Nickel. The first is made with use of gold finish, and the second – with silver one.

Chandelier, pendant lamps, sconce – all the lamps are made of crystal thread, fixed on the decorative rim. Therefore, the emitted light plays with different colors, adding even more shine and holyday, in addition these lamps give a beautiful shadow on the ceiling and walls, which further underscores their beauty.

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