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In the heart of the Dolomites, between the historical Verona and the fashionable Milan, thanks to the intuition of Guido Gasperi, GYFORM was founded in 1957. His idea was to produce high-quality sofas not only for the Italian but also for the overseas markets. From the beginning, manufacturing was based on well-defined guiding principles: quality and tradition, as well as continuous innovation and vision towards the future. The theory of comfort GYFORM is a detailed analysis of the aesthetic human needs, the surrounding everyday environment, and the attraction of ultra-modern technologies at every stage of furniture production. The international success of the brand GYFORM relies on the hard work of employees at every stage of production – from design to selling the final product. In addition to the latest technology, the company has a stable efficient production, higher product quality standards, professional management and focus on environmental protection.

Thanks to an elegant fabrication of sofas and armchairs, GYFORM has become a benchmark for high-end furnishings all over the world. GYFORM uses a working method that preserves the ancient culture of master upholsterers and combines it with the continuous technological innovation of the production lines.

The company provides GYFORM each designer unlimited scope for creativity and experimentation, trying not to limit his imagination. GYFORM has manufacturing capabilities to realize the most daring and risky ideas. So GYFORM finds new trends in contemporary fashion. This approach identified the essence of the collections of furniture GYFORM – individual features a talented designer make furniture GYFORM really unique.

Factory GYFORM is a democratic company, with its furniture designed for General consumers, therefore, all the structural elements are made convenient and easy to use, enabling you to self-care for furniture. Everything is made easy and ergonomic. Favorite materials GYFORM is goose down and beech; upholstery various colors and textures. The company GYFORM constantly finds new forms and improving technologies to get ahead of the desires of their buyers.

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