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Since 1977, the GT DESIGN factory has been designing and producing carpets that are known throughout the world for their highest quality and recognizable design.
The production is based on natural materials: coconut fiber, wool, flax, jute, hemp. Using the most modern production technologies and proprietary developments of high-tech fibers, G.T.Design produces carpets that imitate with their texture and color the natural textures of stone, sand, grass meadows, and at the same time are distinguished by many years of service, during which they retain their original appearance.
The color combinations are designed in a soft ethnofolk style without pronounced national accents, which makes it possible to use G.T. Design in interiors of any type - both modern and classic. All of them are great for city apartments, but they are especially appropriate in the interiors of country houses - light, spacious and not overloaded with furniture.
The basic G.T.Design collection consists of 15 models of carpets (including those intended for decorating outdoor terraces) in a wide variety of colors.
G.T.Design rugs do not fade in the sun, are resistant to external influences and are moisture repellent.

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