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Grilli S.r.l. is the outgrowth of Grilli Brothers, a company founded in 1963 by brothers Giorgio and Giovanni Grilli. They gained such a reputation for quality and good taste that in just a few years, that workshop turned into a company that produced living and dining room furniture. Today, Grilli’s furniture embodies the experience and enthusiasm that over the generations, have led to an industrial process which incorporates traditional techniques, carried out by highly skilled personnel. From that traditional workshop, known for its meticulous carvings and burl veneers, it has evolved into a company of international renown.

Inlays, carvings, decorative accents in gold leaf or fine brushwork, lacquer finishes, painting, and varnishing: all of these are carried out entirely by hand to ensure that each piece is completely unique. In fact, Grilli’s production is deliberately organized in small lots.

Grilli's designs and collections are inspired by the traditions and history of fine furniture-making. Of course, there are certain elements that no house can be without, but Grilli's style is expressed in an ever-expanding range of products that are meant to respond to every possible need or use.

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