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The Graypants design studio was founded in Seattle in 2008 by two former architecture students, Seth and John. In 2012, the Amsterdam studio was founded to become a hub for local European production and distribution to over forty countries, and has partnered with social works programs to provide craft-based work where needed the most. What started as a dream has grown into a successful and versatile company.

The key idea of Graypants is that beauty can be found everywhere, even at a container park. It all began with the successful Scraplight series. The company’s famous Scraplights range—graceful pendant lights fashioned from corrugated cardboard—has helped define its desire to create modern design that is ecologically responsible from start to finish. Scraplights quickly became a prime example of the principles that graypants embodies to this day – responsible design, responsible materials, responsible production... and having fun.

Graypants is primarily known for the special lamps, such as the Disc pendant lamps or the giant Graypants Arcturus. These beautiful cardboard lamps are handmade from locally recycled cardboard. This results in unique lamps, ideally suited to provide a room with a warm ambiance! Graypants design pieces which are unusual and unexpected whilst still being beautiful. Innovative in both material application and production methods, Graypants lamps are ideal for both commercial and residential interiors.

Today, Graypants continues to expand its custom portfolio from architectural installations to public artworks, and has numerous product lines sold throughout the world. The range of their work is comprehensive, covering residential and commercial lighting, furniture, packaging designs, and architecture. The team’s unique and creative projects also draw attention to environmentally conscious living.

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