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Gold Confort company was founded in the year 2000 to give life to the new style ideas of Lorenzo, Elena and Andrea Leporatti. This style is essentially a new interpretation of the classic Italian style, popular all over the world, which embodies the highest measure of luxury and elegance, passion for beauty and, most importantly, the ability to enjoy life.

Gold Confort is a modern and dynamic company located in the heart of Tuscany. Thanks to a careful combination of high quality raw materials, the skills of their experienced craftsmen and the rigorous control of semi-finished and finished products today Goldconfort finds its own dimension in the market and represent a vital example of luxury Italian upholstery. Recently, driven by the spirit of innovation, the company moved to a new factory, more advanced technologically and environmentally friendly: today Goldconfort fabricates furniture in factory with solar cells rooftop and surrounded by green areas.

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