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Founded over 40 years ago in Italy, Giusti Portos still carries out all the phases of production itself, keeping the essence of individuality alive. The Tuscan surname and the romantic name came together to create a unique and recognisable trademark. And so this was the beginning of a workshop specialised in creating hand-crafted beauty using iron and fire.

And the spirit of Giusti Portos has remained the same as at the very beginning: there is still the pleasure of being able to follow every piece from the start to the finish like a handcrafted not an industrial product, to see the devotion to paying more attention to the details than the quantity, the pride in only offering unique items, each one different because it is handmade using the ancient art of forging iron. Today Giusti Portos’ production has expanded: alongside the forged beds there are now iron, brass and wooden beds, and a line of accessories, creating a collection with the classic taste of a growing and blossoming tradition.

With international growth, the company has expanded its line, with each piece of furniture by Giusti Portos still made in Italy, for custom order, using traditional methods. Giusti Portos adheres to eco-responsible practices by using natural materials such as earth and vegetable glues and water-based colours.

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