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Founded in the mid sixties, Giovannetti hit immediately the international attention with innovative and researched products, perfectly matching the experimental climate of those years, when new forms were being created and new ways were sought to satisfy the growing necessity of relaxing, meeting and conversing.

Giovannetti is the philosophy which in the sixties gave birth to Bazaar, Onos, Teso, Lambda and Yates, designed by Superstudio; and nowadays researched and well valued in the market of collectors.

First among all Anfibio (1970), a product which, born as a convertible sofa, fulfilling both functions of sofa and bed in a simple and poetic way; adds the se nsuality and charisma of those who continue to interpret the people's desires, today like yesterday.

The international competition was the main growth factor which enabled Giovannetti to gain a highly qualified know-how which, in numbers, meant a production oriented at 40% to the national and at 60% to the international market, with approx.

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