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Giopato & Coombes Studio was founded by Cristiana Giopato and Christopher Coombes in 2006. To this Italo-British duo, design means finding the synthesis between the emotion behind conception and the pragmatism of innovation. The study of the behavior of light, of the shapes enhancing its beauty and the technology that allows its existence, is the foundation of every project they design.  Every collection is characterized by a sophisticated grace and achieved with noble materials.

Gem is a suspension lamp, in hand blown glass, made with “a lume” technique within the Veneto region. The surface can be clear or with a “corroded” finish, which seems like a white moon dust coating.

The Bolle concept represents a hand-blown method that has as a higher level of precision, allowing the possibility to assemble the spheres. And this is where magic becomes reality.

Moonstone - Like true amulets, they safeguard us from darkness and release our dreams by subtly bringing the ethereal glow of moonlight into our homes.

Cirque - Lamps with slender thread-like structures in brushed brass, that change form to create infinite geometric compositions. The figure, suggesting circus gear, is interrupted by capsules that project continuous light.


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