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Gidea is the modern brain-child of Garofoli, providing a new generation of doors on the cutting-edge of technology and materials. Gidea was developed in a covered area measuring over 38,000 square metres. Founded in 1974, a sister company to the Garofoli company, they produce a range of doors for interiors with all the visual and structural characteristics of a traditional wooden door, at an exceptionally affordable price.

Gidea is characterized by modern lines and alternative materials, from laminate to aluminium, for elegantly stylish doors and walk-in wardrobes. Gidea upholds the high quality of its manufacturing system, with an elegant appearance and a production line that uses the most up-to-date technology: all features which have made a significant contribution to the success of a product range that confirms and tracks trends within a demanding market where quality is an increasingy important factor.

With management entrusted to the second generation of the Garofoli family, under the watchful eye of the founding father, Gidea maintains unaltered the quality of the production system, the refined aesthetics, the manufacturing in line with the most advanced technologies: all characteristics that have contributed to the success of a proposal that confirms and traces the trends of a market which increasingly demands quality.

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