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Galimberti Mario brand belongs to the Italian company Galimberti Massimo & C, which specializes in producing a variety of furniture for the home and commercial spaces, interior and other accessories. The line of Galimberti Mario's classic furniture is one of the most successful brands of the Italian corporation, because the name is associated worldwide with a delicate taste and unsurpassed style.

The wooden parts of Galimberti Mario furniture are decorated with carved and often gilt. Textile upholstery sofas are usually combined. Almost every item complemented decorative elements (cords, tassels, buttons). Headboards and sofas often covers the back stitch-Capito.

Furniture Galimberti Mario is a model of elegance, luxury, sophistication and splendor. Furniture Galimberti Mario has not only excellent appearance, but also very functional and practical.

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