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Premium home appliances from Gaggenau are highly regarded by professionals in the kitchens of the best restaurants in the world, and by amateurs - for cooking at home.

For more than 330 years, Gaggenau has not only been creating premium home appliances, but has set the vector for the development of kitchen appliances, introducing innovations, its own inventions, developing technologies and device design.

The Gaggenau company is a recognized leader in the field of household appliances. More than three hundred patents for certain types of inventions are the special pride of the company. Often people use these inventions every day, without even knowing what their masters from Gaggenau came up with.

We are talking about such common phenomena as glass-ceramic hob, range hoods, combined steam ovens and much more.

Gaggenau not only produces reliable home appliances, but sets the direction for the development of the entire industry, inspires and seeks new ways.

The Gaggenau company changes with time, but one thing remains unchanged: the high bar that the luxury brand Gaggenau adheres to.

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