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Born in 1920, the Fratelli Radice is one of the main Italian firms, which produces furniture in Baroque, Louis XV and XVI, Empire and Art Decò Style.

Fratelli Radice's furniture is something unique of a very high level, completely handmade in massive wood. In its factories the production covers the furnishing of a complete house, such as dining, sitting and bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, studios, doors and boiseries.

Carving artisan tradition has been handed down from generation to generation, and today, like about a century ago, is one of Fratelli Radice’s leading marks. Highly specialised personnel transform anonymous wooden pieces in suggestive and unique creations, in which it’s not possible to distinguish between artisan’s and artist’s job anymore.

Fratelli Radice chooses precious fabrics, prestigious leathers and first choice materials, selecting them from the most ancient and renowned weavings in Brianza, in the provinces of Como and Lecco, and consign them to the capacity and creativity of expert sartorial hands able to give value to chairs, armchairs, and sofa upholstery.

Nowadays Fratelli Radice is a consolidated reality capable to manufacture dining rooms, sitting sets, bedrooms, studios, occasionals, kitchens, bath rooms, doors and any kind of custom made furniture, for projects and contracts. Its creations cross the national borders and enter the private villas, embassies, casinos and hotel all over the world.

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