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Fratelli Boffi keeps all the features of an old cabinetmaker company and at the same time it embraces the technological evolution in the productive field. Technical know-how and manual dexterity go hand-in-hand in this company. Equipment that is constantly updated and adapted for new technologies, a qualified staff, and management that employs special planning methods have allowed the company to produce furniture in a wide range of attractive styles and also custom-made furnishings.

At the turn of the 1920s, Carlo Boffi became famous for being one of the best chair carvers in Brianza, the cabinetmaking district near Milan. The second generation Federico, Roberto and Michele started working, and in 1968 the new plant in Lentate was constructed. The production, which started out with chairs, was expanded to include all types of furniture. The first collaboration with the big names of design gave birth to the collections signed by Giorgio Pulici and Aldo Cibic.

Over the years, the contract branch remains one of the most active in the company, thanks to the deep competence of Fratelli Boffi in creating custom made products. Fratelli Boffi contract division is worldwide involved in the development and realization of important projects for Hotels, Private homes, Residences and Offices, also providing tailor made products, keeping boldly unaltered its personal style and the company high quality standards.

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