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Born in 1830, Fratelli Basile care both the design that manufacture of all furniture for the House: Bedrooms, Kitchens customized, Boiseries, studios, living rooms.

Hebanon is the brand that since 2001 signs luxury furniture design and super luxury design that brings Basile Style in the world, taking the deepest roots of Italian craftsmanship dating back to the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and integrating arts and crafts with a continuous stylistic research and a strong technological innovation.

Each piece of Fratelli Basile furniture derives from the initial selection of fine wood veneers, it takes shape in the sawmill and joinery workshop to subsequently be completed by means of the following finishing processes. As in the past, techniques such as wood-carving, intarsia inlays, pictorial decoration or using gold-leaf are still rigorously carried out by hand, in this way, transforming the piece of furniture into a unique piece of art.

The client that chooses Fratelli Basile Interiors desires to live in a home that perfectly expresses his/her love and passion, he/she feels the cultural need to go back to his/her historical roots, seeking for a made-to-measure style of furnishing to fit his/her inner self that gives him/her both aesthetic and functional well-being.

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