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Frari is craftwork, environmentally friendly production. The main specialization of the factory create a cozy children's and teen rooms. Using his old production techniques of painting and wood carving factory craftsmen create true masterpieces.

Wood carving is an ancient technique used for decorating ornaments and furniture. This work was carried out by hand by the master craftsman and the Frari brand is proud to be the keeper of this wonderful culture and to carry it forward into the future. There are a variety of forms of wood carving, from simple linear geometric shapes to complex round shapes engraved a volute with floral motifs.

All of the furniture for children's Frari made of linden arrays and European pine of the highest quality, as well as an internal filler used hypo-allergenic materials. All furniture is treated paints and polishes to a safe water-based. Colors collections can vary depending on your wishes. A rich collection of textiles will create a unique and complete interior.

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