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With a long family tradition, the company has been treating leather and saddle leather since 1921 with dedication, mastery and experience. Frag cultural and technical experience has gone hand in hand with continuous research and valued by the creativity of international designers. Frag offers some classics of contemporary design which t in perfectly both in the domestic warmth and the cosiness of new collective areas.

The work begins with an accurate selection of the leather hides. Then, thanks to its technical expertise, Frag turns traditional materials into a contemporary, rational product. Saddle leather thus plays an outstanding aesthetic and functional/structural role.

What is the difference between leather and saddle leather? The word ‘saddle leather’ refers to thick leather, with an unaltered original structure, whose tanning prevents it from getting worn out. Each leather has its own story, just like a chair is a unique, original item which gradually becomes a piece of our own stories, it gets old but not worn out.

All leathers used by Frag are drawn from bovines destined for the food industry and from controlled European farms. Leather is thin and, differently from saddle leather, it is soft and highly elastic. It has great breathability and resistance properties and thanks to several tanning processes, it becomes water- repellent, antistatic and re-resistant.

In 1999 Frag was one of the first companies in the sector to obtain the ISO 9001:2000 certification for its organization and production system. In December 2014 Frag renewed its Management System certification in compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

The choice of materials, the accuracy of manufacturing, the certifications and the solid tradition of the company represent the standards for the quality of each Frag product. Seats, tables, small tables and accessories stand out as precious, masterfully finished objects with a timeless style and a discreet elegance.

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