FM Bottega d′ArteItalyLead time 60 days

Established in 1978 and run with passion by the actual owner Mr. Aldo Mazzarolo and by his children Monica, Omar and Luca, FM Bottega d’Arte represents a real point of reference for the furniture industry in Bassano area.

FM Bottega d’Arte production is connected to the artistic value of the past but steady projected into the future. Their creative idea comes from the observation of the most elementary things, of nature, of its shapes and colors, from the analysis of old expressions of human phantasy and elegance.

The techniques used in FM Bottega d’Arte by each carpenter are the result of learning over years of experience. That’s what makes their products unique.

Just like stylists FM Bottega d’Arte addresses to those clients who love making their house dressed by the elegance of the unique pieces produced by the company. The different classical creations go from the kitchens to the bedrooms, from the living areas to the specific furniture pieces.

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