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Flex is proposed on the international market as a reliable partner for architects, designers and decorators, for the realization of doors, wainscoting and complete projects.

Factory for the production of interior doors Flex is located in Tuscany, Italy. Branded door designs are made of lamellar wood. This applies innovative technologies, allowing to obtain at the outlet a totally unique product.

Fine wood-derived Italian and European, lacquers and coatings made entirely by hand with the application of gold leaf or silver contribute to a very valuable product. For this Flex combines a unique design and a great aesthetic impact without being influenced by fashion and trends of the moment, but freeing our creative instinct.

Choosing the doors Flex, you get high quality doors for a "reasonable" price. Such doors can be a major piece of furniture and did not cease to please the eyes of their masters. Finishing doors Flex is manufactured by artists by hand, so you can be confident in the uniqueness of your door.

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