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Fine Art Lamps’ artistic heritage began in the glass making factory founded by Max Blumberg in New York in the late nineteenth century. In 1940, his son, Jack Blumberg gathered the finest designers, sculptors, and decorative artists to fulfill their vision of becoming the premier lighting manufacturer in the world, and Fine Art Lamps was born.

Today, Fine Art Lamps represents the singular vision of over 700 skilled designers, artists, craftsman and associates working together in five plants totaling over 400,000 square feet to create unique works of art for the international design community.

From the beginning, Fine Art Lamps has achieved a high artistic standard by creating unique and original lighting designs of beautifully handcrafted metal, hand-blown glass, and other unique materials with exquisite hand applied finishes.

The company has been honored with numerous design awards including the prestigious ART Manufacturer of the Year Award nine times distinguishing the company and qualifying its induction in the ART Hall of Fame.

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