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Fiam: since 1975 garden furniture quality Made in Italy. Fiam's success comes from afar, when Francesco Favagrossa, a young mechanic, expressed himself in a specialty that is very fashionable today: reuse; he collected the demolished American military motorcycles and re-assembled them, creating original "motorcycle-patchworks" that he sold before he had even finished. In 1975, together with his sons Ennio and Silvio, he proposed his first metal objects for outdoor use.

Since 1975 Fiam has been making practical and functional outdoor furnishing accessories, to give life to the pleasure of living in comfort spaces. Intuition, method, tenacity, the continuous search for technical solutions and a lot of work constitute the backbone of a company that believes in irrefutable quality and totally Italian production.

Over the years Fiam has achieved and patented important technical innovations. Millions of specimens have been requested all over the world, the company has achieved quality certifications. It choices have become increasingly attentive to responsible production and low environmental impact.

Fiam factory operates and sells its products for projects of hotels, restaurants, public and park areas, etc. You can send us a request and we will contact the Fiam factory to implement your project.

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