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The FBAI (Fonderia Bronzi Artistici Italia) chandelier casting factory was established in Italy in 1966 and from the very beginning drew inspiration from traditional workmanship, the loyal guardian of the most elegant and sought-after expressions of Italian handicrafts.

The accuracy of the details of its castings, which call to mind the skill of master artists, makes its productions precious and almost unique. Today its chandeliers and lamps are highly esteemed the world over. By examining and touching the finished bronze, one senses all the work, effort and mastery that go into transforming a blank ingot of metal into a splendid chandelier, the final furnishing accessory. Each chandelier and lamp is an original model made inside the factory.

FBAI products are inspired from classic models. Their accurate casting, detailed engraving, rich carving and beautiful gilding enhance the delicacy and playfulness of rococo designs which reaches its peak in the styles of Louis XV and Louis XVI, or highlight a more sober line which marks the return to neoclassicism, leading to an elegant but still fascinating Empire style.

Bronze works are often enriched with crystals and TYCHE artistic china - this triumph of the eclectic style combines originality and fantasy with perfect craftsmanship and fine working, which allows to create unique models that are globally appreciated.

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