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The Fast history starts in the 1960s when Stefano Levrangi, an expert in non-ferrous metal casting, started his own foundry in Vestone, in the Vallesabbia region near Brescia, already well known for its productive activities. The creative craftsmanship of brass implies high-precision and in depth-knowledge of the material and production processes.

The Garden project of Fast has developed over the last few years, specializing in the production of outdoor aluminium furniture. Stefano Levrangi strongly believes in the qualities of this meta. Aluminium is ductile and also weighs a third of iron. It is resistant to corrosion and rust. It is an environmentally friendly metal due to its low toxic level and high recyclable potential. The paint finishes are also highly regarded and are undertaken with polyester powders which are fixed by special processes to ensure increased protection and colour durability.

To guarantee clients the highest standards of quality has always been a priority for Fast. Avant-garde technology and design, combined with skilled craftsmanship, form its winning formula.

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