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Falma Italia is an Italian manufacturer of home furniture, specializing in creation of innovative and customized design solutions for every living space. Their objective is to find a perfect equilibrium between the material, the color and the finish. Falma Italia constantly updates their samples catalogue, following the latest design and technology trends.

The Falma Italia compositional systems fit seamlessly into every structural characteristic of the interior. Every structural element makes the best use of the available space, turning even hidden slots into practical and pleasurable areas. The flexibility systems is what renders even the most sophisticated furnishing solution balanced and comfortable to use.

Thanks to customized modularity, their systems are capable of adding an individual style to various living areas. Falma Italia solutions will not disappoint even hard-to-handle areas, because its technical offering is designed to fit seamlessly into the existing home structure or construction project.

Unlike serially manufactured furniture, Falma Italia’s products offer the utmost level of customization. Thanks to the infinite combinations of forms, essences, colors and finishes, even the most basic functional designs turn out to have individual style.

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