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Faber Mobili, founded in 1984, is located in Bassano del Grappa in the province of Vicenza and specializes in the reproduction of classic furniture. The company, thanks to a thorough historical research, is engaged in the exact reproduction of antique models, while achieving not only stylistic conformity, but also excellent product quality.

The catalogs include more than 800 articles, which can be completely customized in sizes and finishes. Faber's policy is maximum flexibility, which makes it possible to realize furniture according to the client's sketches as individually as a tailor sews a suit according to the figure.

42 colors in a standard finish, 4 degrees of aging, 3 gradations of gloss, if necessary - applying patina, tinting, abrasions, painting in a color according to the client's sample, a catalog of fittings, glasses, inlays, carvings provide almost unlimited possibilities for personalizing furniture.

The Faber Mobili factory professes the manufactory principle of production, carefully honoring the traditional techniques of working with wood. Faber Mobili works with cherry, rosewood, tulipier, pear, walnut, oak, alder, beech, maple, ash, linden; inlays are represented by precious woods and ivory.

In addition to creating neo-antiques, Faber Mobili also offers versatile design solutions, such as wall panel systems with revolving doors and other original mechanisms.

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