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Eyeleds® is the brand name for a unique, patented range of premium-quality LED design lighting. The stylish, flush mounted luminaires are used as decoration, orientation, marking and route signs in floors, stairs and baseboards.

Ledsprogress Holding acquired Eyeleds in december 2013. Ledsprogress Holding is an LED innovator based in Vlissingen, Netherlands which is renowned by their innovative LED downlights, finding their way to the professional market under the Illuxtron brand.

The unique advantage of the Eyeleds product is that the fixture has a mounting depth of only 6.5mm. This ultra-flat design, combined with plug & play configurations, provides unprecedented ease of installation in virtually all flooring types (tiles, marble, natural stone, parquet, laminate and even carpet).

In addition to round and square models with various monochrome light colors, the range consists of a version with RGB-functionality, higher lumen output versions for task lighting and orientation, and a wide variety of models for outdoor application.

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