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Extroverso is a company established in 2017 and based on an idea of Manuela Dello Strologo, who has been for years Sales and Communications manager at Tura’s, leading company in furniture and parchment coatings. Extroverso was established with the purpose to enhance Italian traditions, its artistic forms and its exquisite craftsmanship, while keeping the bond with international inventiveness, languages and identities.

Extroverso comes from experience and passion for design, furniture and accessories. Through objects and shapes, Extroverso wants to celebrate Beauty, made of local traditions, art, craftsmanship, of great refinement and quality. Design and lifestyle products, made in Italy by master craftsmen and quality manufacturer.

Distinguished by an unconventional aesthetic, Extroverso uniquely interprets artistic visions through the lens of tradition and modernity. Driven by a passion for design, founder Manuela Dello Strologo is joined by designer Sakura Adachi and illustrator Anna Sutor to create a global network of artists constantly evolving their craft. In creating artistic “bridges”, Extroverso reveals beauty through the meeting of international sensibilities, traditions and identities. A network of creative and enthusiastic people, interacting, growing and expressing their value into the creative project of an object, a shape.

Extroverso combines modernity and tradition through the unique interpretation of artists and designers selected by its founder. Space-saving comfort for every day. With a compactness like no other, furniture adapts to any zone of your home and any activity. Elegant and modern, this pieces is an ideal choice to add a welcoming accent to any interior.

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