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Italian factory Exedra from Catania specializes in the design and manufacture of upholstered furniture, combining classical motifs with contemporary style. Today Exedra offers three collections of furniture. Countrylife Collection is a collection of chairs and sofas in the style of Provence, close to the French and sometimes English style. Urban Collection is a modern line of extraordinary models of chairs, sofas and chairs. Luxury Collection is a collection of Italian-style, close to the Baroque.

Exedra to all those who do not believe in the incompatibility between the words "classic" and "modern". To those who rather believe that only the beauty can exist in the right context and to those who believe in the human instinct of trying to be reflected in the surrounding goods – to use, to observe and to touch – that can be melted together or can be distinguished by emphasizing aesthetic details so they can satisfy oneself, a house or a hotel room. To achieve the manufacturing excellence of the raw material and the finest selection of every single piece.

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