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Kitchen and living room projects address an international public and feature enhanced aesthetic innovation, endless coordination and fantastic new textures. Refined good taste and values coherent with the Living and Cooking concept; a design language created by Euromobil to interpret the modern day trend to unite the kitchen and living room, cooking and eating.

Euromobil kitchen designed and made in Italy. Euromobil produced only in Italy, the Research & Development center business plans in collaboration with architects and designers exclusive. In Euromobil product management is fully automated with CNC machines. The production process is complete, from the blank to the finished product. The high quality of the products is guaranteed by the processing performed in a workmanlike manner.

The choice of a Euromobil model (linear, with a peninsula, with the central island ...) depends on the shape of the room as well as your tastes. If the room is long and narrow, the kitchen will be the most appropriate "in line" with all the kitchen items in a single wall. The kitchen "track" is selected when the room is a little larger, with fires and sink on one wall and the area to prepare, plus the oven and the pantry, on the other. The kitchen "corner" is indicated when you have two perpendicular walls, and a good solution may be to have one side dedicated to washing, the cooker in the corner, oven and refrigerator plus an area for preparing the other side and to center of the room to the table. If you have three walls for use in the kitchen then choose the kitchen "gulf", two sides to prepare food, one for cooking. The models that require more space are the island and the peninsula, the latter is constituted by an angle model plus a side that can be used as snack area. The island however is at the center of the room and integrates well with different models.

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