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Essepi Imbottiti was founded in about 1960 with the intention on the part of members to create original products in the field of upholstery; to achieve this goal the company has the contribution of the most qualified designers of the moment. The company is based on two basic principles: preserve its market remains steady and unchanged the quality of its products, and always be ready to develop innovations that enable it to open up to new markets.

Essepi Imbottiti makes upholstered furniture, which has successfully taken its place in the middle segment: the reasonable price and decent quality. High-quality upholstery materials and filling-designed functional solutions and, of course, sophisticated design – that's what the company gained immense popularity not only in Italy but also abroad.

Designers and engineers Essepi Imbottiti closely watching the most relevant technologies and trends, so the products are manufactured by a variety of shapes, designs and has a tremendous opportunity. For example, the collection includes: furniture with electric drives; model-transformers; bed with built-in soft back reading lamps; furniture with embedded into the design of glass tables, etc.

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