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Italian furniture factory Epocart was founded in the mid-twentieth century Cabinet-maker Gino Passarin. He decided to bet on the piece of furniture, designed to the last detail, both in terms of design and in terms of quality. This approach models the brand quickly gained popularity among buyers, including foreign. Gino Passarin brought to fruition the rules of an ancient craft: quality materials, precise workmanship distinguish its products, intended for an audience with a decidedly upscale. Epocart project philosophy enables they to create harmonious surroundings using their collections or by selecting particular items of them.

Epocart furniture – the benchmark for reliability and durability. You can be sure that even decades later, she would be as comfortable, functional and beautiful, regardless of the intensity of use. To create it select only materials that meet the norms and standards of quality and safety – durable and environmentally friendly natural wood (solid and veneer), metals, glass, polyurethane foam, natural leather, textile etc. Their products are manufactured using carefully guarded the secrets of craftsmanship, with special processing methods.

The technical Department of the company Epocart can implement any type of project for different areas of the house. It is also possible the combination in one project of multiple collections. Using Epocart you will be able to make your home as comfortable and attractive as you want. Competent and well-coordinated team of architects, designers, craftsmen will help to furnish each of the rooms of the house – whether it be a dining room, library, kitchen, lounge, hallway, study, cloakroom, bathroom, kids, teenage, bedroom, etc. In addition to furniture – furniture, beds, sofas, cabinets, tables, chairs, couches, modular systems and walls and much more, you can also order interior doors, wall panels, flooring, columns, stairs, thereby creating a truly harmonious and integrated space.

Epocart combine the latest technology with experienced craftsmanship which has always characterized their company.

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