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The business began in 1946 with Alfredo Porro giving birth to OMP PORRO. With the third generation strengthen the fundamental values and the developing of a 100% Made in Italy leading company: OMP PORRO becomes a blue-green company in its new headquarters in Cucciago; in the same years it purchases the historical brand Enrico Cassina, realizing the perfect union between Made in Italy ornamental techniques and the acknowledged "stiles master"; it defines as company standard the passing of 10 quality tests for each produced object. Over time it has developed the widest and most precious collection of handles and brass furnishing accessories all over the world, produced by the italian masters.

The Enrico Cassina collections and objects are always realized according to a stylistic research able to apply the most advanced technologies to the aesthetical standards of each era. The choice to retrace the periods that have characterized the history of art and architecture gives the internal designers the opportunity to use precious components, objects which are "pure" in lines and decorations, that can be used to mention, integrate and freely compose the desired stylistic harmony.

The Enrico Cassina handles and accessories, both standard at catalogue and custom made, become therefore "icons of signs" in the project of the architectural space.

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