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The collection Emmemobili had been created in the 1980s by Tagliabue family. The Tagliabue firm was founded in 1879 at Cantù, and right from the start it has always manufactured top-quality made to measure furniture and multilayer panels for the aeronautics industry. Currently the company is being run by the fourth generation of the family, sensitive towards international trends, innovative design and top-quality customized products.

In every individual manufacturing process, Emmemobili can guarantee working techniques of the highest quality. Light, thin sheets of wood are coated with resins and glues and laid carefully in dies which have been designed according to the shape they wish to achieve. Then comes the first stage of heating and pressing, so that the wood takes on the shape they want. A computer-controlled machine then works on these items, which are later finished by hand. Finally, the various parts are assembled and polished. There is no way that this can be spoken of as a "production line": these are all one-offs.

Emmemobili is always more than willing to cooperate with Customers and designers to come up with the best technical and manufacturing solutions for collections or commissions. From planning spaces to solving an almost infinite variety of furnishing problems – for homes or offices – the quality level of their finished products never falls, up to and including coordinating the final assembly.

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