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Edra was founded in 1987 in Tuscany, a land rich in history, culture, art and artisanal mastery. The name derives from the Greek word "exedra", meaning a meeting place for philosophical discussion. Edra proposes original designs born of an unprecedented union of tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and technology, inspired by a continuous quest for high performance, new forms and new materials.

In 1990 Edra presented an unexpected collection called Flowers: a series of armchairs in the form of flowers. Getsuen is a lily with pointed petals, while Rose Chair is a fleshy rose, perhaps carnivorous and certainly sensual. These were such complex projects from the production standpoint due to their extreme mix of advanced technology and fine hand craftsmanship, and so unusual in their shamelessly lighthearted floral citation that they were virtually impossible to copy.

Modern, rationalist, minimalist or classical and historical: each style is potentially ideal for hosting Edra products. Built to last and stay out of changing fashions, Edra creations fit with ease and enhance the specific qualities of different environments. The versatile design gives each product Edra a long life and everlasting aesthetic quality.

Whether purchasing its beds, chairs, tables, cabinets, sofas or armchairs, Edra establishes new relations between body and objects by creating shapes and materials for new and exceptionable levels of comfort within brilliant designs that project the company beyond eras and trends.

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