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A constant growth with important goals Della Valentina Office (DVO) is founded 1990. Since 1993 typical elements of a rapid and solid development are evident to the market. The commercial penetration increases progressively, reaching 100 Countries and 1.071 customers worldwide. The DVO brand is present at the most important exhibitions: Milan, Madrid, Cologne, Moscow and Dubai and, through its distributors, at many important showcases throughout the world.

Wide range and modularity Endless composition possibilities thanks to the modular concept of the project. This is the basis of a high flexibility that makes DVO furnishings perfect for each space and working environment. When choosing an office furnishing what counts is adaptability: all DVO office structures are easy to assemble and owe a good environmental adaptability to allow time and installation cost savings.

You can trust DVO furnishing systems: they are stable, durable and studied in detail. The company has always paid particular attention to the European Standards regarding safety and reliability of the product. For this reason all the catalogue’s products are tested by special laboratories, guaranteeing the quality to the customers.

Della Valentina Office is certified to:
- UNI EN ISO 9001: certified quality management system
- UNI EN ISO 14001: certified environmental management system
- EMAS: registered at the environmental system
- OHSAS 18001: certified management of health and safety at the workplace
- FSC: certificated Chain of Custody process, issued by ICILA
- GREENGUARD: environmental certificate based on ANSI/BIFMA standards

In addition to the numerous certifications already in hand, DVO is pursuing the route of minor ecological impact with eco-sustainable processes.

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