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Driade was founded in 1968 by Enrico Astori and was for a long time one of the most glamorous and adventurous of the Italy's design-led brands, producing furniture, lighting and homewares. The company, based in Fossadello near Piacenza, produced iconic pieces including Starck's three-legged Costes cafe chair (1984) and Tokujin Yoshioka's monobloc Tokyo-Pop collection (2001).

In 1968, the onset of Driade coincided, in fact, with the presentation of the system of containers "Driade1", designed for laying the basis for an interpretation of the typical "container" as an active tool in designing spaces. With this silent revolution, Antonia Astori brought design back into the groove of architecture, giving to "mobile" furniture the noble task of articulating "immobile" spaces: the wardrobe became a wall, and indeed, over time, a partition wall instead of being just the background in a room. It was transformed into the interface between a "before" and an "after".
Driade 1 (1968), Oikos (1972), Kaos (1985), Pantos (1994), but also the Bric (with Enzo Mari in 1978) are the stages of a project, open but based on precise rules: the logic of assembly, the logic of materials , the logic of the "palette de couleurs". In contrast to the finished product, the system of containers opens to an infinity of possible variations.

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