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A sofa bed with a single-structure seat from Ditre Italia

Lulù 2.0

Refined character

Lulù 2.0 is part of the elegant collection named The Relax Collection.
Created by the famous designers Stefano Spessotto and Lorella Agnoletto, its project was inspired by the desire to create a sofa bed with a single-structure seat.

The exclusive slim armrests and the particular edging, available both in the contrasting version for a more eye-catching look, both in the matching one, which gives a sophisticated aesthetic to an extremely practical product, are the characteristic features of this sofa bed.
The backrest in non-deformable polyurethane foam density 21 kg/m3 welcomes the soft seat made of the same material with density 35 kg/m3, both covered in Tecnoform, for a unique comfort.

Lulù 2.0 is available in completely removable fabric upholstering and can be configured both in the 2- or 3-seater version both in the Maxi 3-seater one.

The opening and closing mechanism allows the sofa bed to be opened and closed with just one simple movement, without having to remove the seat and back cushions which remain attached to the structure of the mechanism, avoiding contact with the floor where they might get dirty.
The Move handle on wheels can be added to the lift mechanism to make moving your sofa bed around easier.

Its comfortable bed base with orthopaedic structure in welded mesh and elastic webbing is the optimal solution for daily use of the sofa bed in homes, hotels or residential units.
The mattress can be chosen among the standard version, density 25 kg/m3 or the deluxe one, density 35 kg/m3 and removable, both 16 cm thick.

Lulù 2.0, sofa bed with a recognizable comfort and an elegant design, stands out for its refined character.