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Dienne Salotti was founded in 2000 in Altamura, in the heart of the upholstered living room market. For over 15 years the company has been guided by love for the best Italian tradition of sofas, armchairs and convertibles. Dienne Salotti aims to satisfy the demands of their customers with quality proposals, innovative and original design.

All the components of Dienne Salotti's sofas are equipped with bayonet joints. Simple to assemble and disassemble, also the transport is easier. Another important feature is all the elements have removable covers. All products are the result of very accurate selections conducted with passion and intuition, to respond not only to the purely functional needs of the furniture, but also to your aesthetic desires. Dienne Salotti's team studies the compatibility between covering's features and sofas' technical and aesthetic characteristics. Every material included in the collection is tested with attention, in order to ascertain quality, resistance and duration against abrasions. The company select only innovative and natural materials, following the most rigorous standard for quality, security and solidity. In fact, Dienne Salotti starts from these requisites to define value and life of every single product.

Decorating doesn’t consists of making set designs or taking beautiful pictures for magazines; it’s rather about improving out life quality, feeding our soul with beauty (Albert Hadley). Flexibility and dynamism of Dienne Salotti give each room its own style and to each of your proposals the right shape. A form that, thanks to the skilled hands of artisans and designers, comes to life and makes your environments live.

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