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The D.Home product is the result of knowledge and research on the materials and their reactions, put to use by the artisan, together with the aid of a caring and attentive team, giving the design a distinguished style that marks the difference between an ordinary sofa and the one that gains your choice.

The history of D.Home products begins 30 years ago with the intuition of Claudio Donà, who created an entrepreneurial reality, grown from the artisan’s passion and care, that still today characterises his choiches. Sofas, armchairs and complements, embracing and renewing the fashion trends without ever forgetting the comfortable and ergonomic side of a product dedicated to the reception of the living and contract areas. Sofas welcoming with large, generous seats, capable of reading into the eclectic spirit of those who love to create a island of comfort in their own home.

The cooperation with Alfredo Zengiaro, internationally renowned architect, and with his team confirms D.Home’s will to make the aestetic and design quality of the products range grow: sofas and armchairs spring from a precise reasoning, proof that the artisan’s is first of all an intellectual hand, key to the great beauty of “made in Italy”.

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