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Textile wallcoverings from the house of Desima are lovingly produced by hand in Germany offering you countless advantages from decades of experience and never ending strive for excellence.

Worldwide the customers appreciate the extraordinary appearance and impression of Desima textile wallcoverings. Selected designs together with natural materials create a unique harmony that only nature can provide. In this way Desima wallcoverings give the room on one hand a pronounced accent on the other a subtle background achieving a pleasant warmth and welcoming atmosphere.

Desima textile wallcoverings are environmentally friendly and are made from 100% natural fibres. Pure and durable materials such as jute, viscose, rayon, linen and silk are mounted on a fleece backing. This organic manufacture has a long life and contributes to an extremely soothing interior climate.

Desima wallpapers are carefully produced by highly trained personnel by hand at Salem location near lake Constance in South Germany. Constant quality control during the manufacturing process ensures the finest quality expected from our clients. Desima products carry the seal of quality “Handmade in Germany” with pride. The decisive factors when selecting our suppliers and partners are reliability and top quality.

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