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As business unit, Deknudt Mirrors with Deknudt Mirror Works is a part of the Belgian company Deknudt Mirror Group. It has been for more than 65 years of manufacturing decorative mirrors for sale on the world market.

For a long time the mirror was used as an object, it is only necessary to see your reflection, preferably without distortion. Deknudt Mirrors strive to create a mirror as a decoration and full members of the composition of the room. Stylish shaped frames with a silver-coated or gold paint, glass processing creates unusual special charm of these products.

Deknudt Mirrors has three main collections of decorative mirrors: Homka (world of mirrors), Decora (fashion of mirrors) and Reflect+ (exclusive mirrors). The name and motto of each collection speaks for itself, at the same time they are united by an exclusive design, perfect reflection and perfectly smooth glass surface of each model.

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