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de Sede has its origins in a small but skilled saddler's workshop in Klingnau, Switzerland. The craftsmen there committed themselves to transforming the best possible leather into seating furniture. Their years of experience and diligence enabled them to create hand-crafted leather furniture of singular quality.

In 1965, the family-run business became a joint-stock company called de Sede AG, but remained faithful to their original guiding principles - de Sede has dedicated itself wholeheartedly to the art of handwork. Anonymous, automated production processes have no place at this company. Craftsmanship of the highest degree, stringent quality requirements, maximum attention to detail and personal commitment by all employees have made de Sede famous and pave their way for the future.

Today, on a production area of 11,000 m2, de Sede AG processes around 32,000 m2 of top-quality leather each year. Every year more than 11,000 pieces of furniture are produced, of which 70% are exported and distributed in over 48 countries.

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