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Albino Celato founded De Castelli in 2003 in the small town of Crocetta del Montello near Treviso. Metal is the true force of nature of 3 generations DE CASTELLI! Rather than focusing solely on the traditional metal processing skills developed by his forebears, he wanted to make metal a material for the modern era by foregrounding progressive design and technologies. The result is a catalogue of products, furniture and surfaces that combine traditional craftsmanship with advanced engineering and manufacturing techniques.

It is well known that iron, along with wood and stone, is one of the three valuable natural materials that since the very origins have been offered to man's ingenuity for the creation of useful tools and artifacts. De Castelli soon shaped its identity as a company that introduced design, and applied it to iron for the home and outdoors, successfully combining this beloved handcrafting tradition with the most advanced technology.

De Castelli is an Italian company specialized in the centuries-old iron working and in the production of outdoor furniture. De Castelli collections of tables, vases, chairs, bookcases and lamps combine craftsmanship with the most advanced technologies for objects of superior quality designed to withstand over time even in outdoor spaces. At the base of the production of the Made in Italy design company there is always a manual intervention, precious and accurate, that characterizes the details and the quality. Thanks to the company mission, the originality of the projects and the skill of the craftsmen employed, De Castelli's production knows how to combine design, art and craftsmanship, whether it be iron or steel. De Castelli collaborates with designers from Italy and abroad to reinvigorate crafting traditions through visionary design.

One of De Castelli’s stated aims is “to bend metal to the requirements of different spaces and uses, to shape it to the tastes and desires of a sophisticated and demanding clientele”. The company sources and manipulates metals including copper, brass, iron and steel to meet the specifications of architects and designers looking for unique surface finishes. The durability and versatility of these materials makes them suited to use on walls, ceilings or floors, and De Castelli is regularly called on to advise its clients on the optimum metal to enhance their project.

In addition to supporting bespoke architectural projects, De Castelli produces a broad range of metal surfaces that make its hand-crafted materials available to anybody. Each of these products is precisely manufactured using methods such as laser cutting, bending and welding, combined with unique finishing techniques including burnishing, oxidisation and brushing. “Every process is completed with the highest level of skill, as if by a blacksmith with the sensibility of a jeweller.”

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